Welcome to Glencore Technology’s Guidance Hub

This is a hub of premium content and guidance without any fee.

You can get access to presentations, how-to guides, performance results, diagrams, guest interviews, advance release on papers, background figures and much more.

But you’ll also get access to live on-air questions and answers with experts.  Think of these sessions as free consulting!  You can ask questions related to the topic and for the duration of that session, get the answers you need.

Naturally, any and all advice you might take from the Guidance Hub – whether it’s provided by Glencore Technology, guests, members or others – directly to you or indirectly – is used entirely at your own risk.

That’s because this Guidance Hub is and must be a place of free exchange.  So all contributors including you are providing advice and commenting, freely; you and they do not promise any success or outcome; you and they do not promise it does not contain errors; and you and they do not promise that damage may not occur.

Your very welcome participation is strictly on that basis.

The Flowsheet Improvements room is the general interest area.  You’ll definitely want to apply for that!  Start here.

Other tabs will be launched imminently, and these will need to be applied for separately.  That’s because they’ll be specialised and focused.

Admission to the Hub’s rooms is easy to apply for.  The button is below.  Once you’re in, we ask you to adhere to 4 important rules –

  1. Be respectful in any and all contributions and comments
  2. Don’t post anything that is confidential that may compromise a person or operation
  3. Contribute, generously… don’t be shy
  4. Use any guidance carefully and entirely at your own risk

In short – the Guidance Hub is a place to give and gain plenty.  And it’s completely free.

We hope you enjoy it!

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